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Driving to your success

At Walter Surface Technologies, we understand the need to produce high quality products and finishes. Whether you are a working on restoration or in an auto production line, Walter provides a wide range of products to satisfy your most demanding needs. With our anti-spatter solutions, thin cutting wheels, blending discs, degreasers and cleaners, and finishing products, Walter offers only the safest and best products for your automotive applications.


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Zip Wheel

The ZIP WHEEL is recognized throughout industry as the ultimate performance cutting abrasive on the market. Heavily reinforced for safety, this cutting wheel is designed with a thin profile for the fastest and coolest cuts. It offers the most cuts per wheel in the industry, making the ZIP WHEEL the preferred choice for most cutting applications.

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Coolcut Flap Drums

These flap wheels are made of the highest industrial quality abrasive cloth and have an optimal number of flaps that are securely bonded and balanced around the hub for highest quality finishing. They are ideal for general purpose blending, shaping and deburring and will give a consistent and uniform grained satin finish in no time.

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E-WELD, Anti-Spatter Solutions

E-WELD is a safe, natural solution that protects work pieces, welding equipment from weld spatter to keep you from having to perform time-consuming, costly rework.

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Bio-Circle Solutions

Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, is a global leader in environmentally-friendly solutions. Offering a variety of industrial parts cleaning solutions, systems and environmentally friendly cleaners and degreasers, our products are designed with safety and environmental sustainability in mind.

Visit to browse through Walter’s wide range of Bio-Circle solutions fit for the automotive industry, including FT 200 residue-free cleaner.